Our hen is a real hen, with beak and wings that are not cut off so that it has actually the chance to scratch what it finds on the ground and express itself naturally


Immersed in a forest of centuries-old chestnut trees, our open range farm is made up of wooden houses in which there are only 140 hens, allowing them to create their social hierarchy and live without stress


The grass rich of insects, butterfly and earthworms is respected guaranteeing to each hen at least 7 square meters of pasture, sandbox for cleaning and fun for our hens

our mission

Two friends have the desire to produce the best egg on the market. To get it, the only way is to guarantee the highest quality life for the hen. From here "Uova di Montagna" company that aims the production of excellent eggs, enhancing the animal and the territory, guaranteeing higher quality standards than required by the organic legislation

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