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Longino & Cardenal was established in 1988 as an importer of fresh caviar from Iran, for sale to restaurants and specialist delicatessens. The judicious idea to import the raw material, repackage it and retail it with a precise identity using a new brand proved to be a winning one, and gave rise to a new business model and a highly successful story.

Over the years, the company's passion for fine dining, its painstaking search for top-quality ingredients, and in 1993 the entry of CEO Riccardo Uleri into the share capital of the company (which, in 2004, reviewed and expanded its business model) led it to record constant growth, making it a benchmark for top-end catering in Italy.

The internationalization process began in 2013. In order to operate in direct contact with these markets, the company opened a branch in Hong Kong in 2013, one in Dubai in 2015 and another in New York in 2019.

Again in 2015, L&C acquired stake in the company “Il Satiro Danzante”, a historic and exclusive prawn supplier from Mazara del Vallo, and created the brand Don Gambero, in order to develop the vertical integration and direct management of the brands distributed.