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“Uova di Montagna” was born in 2016 with the aim of produce the best possible egg, guaranteeing the highest standards of animal welfare.


Our breeding method is inspired by some Rudolf Steiner’s principles that already in the early 1900s he claimed for an agriculture and a "breeding that respected the natural cycles and the ecological balance threatened both by a too high animal concentration and by an extremely specialized breeding ".

 For this reason, our breeding respects the ethological characteristics of our lying hens and satisfies their different needs during all seasons and atmospheric conditions.


Everything starts from psychophysical integrity and well-being of ours animals. Our hen is a real hen, coming from a South Tyrol farm they do not suffer the atrocious practice of cutting the beak used to prevent from fighting each other when they are breed in high-concentration farms.

This is why our breeding consists of small wooden houses in which only 140 lying hens live, considering that they cannot recognize more than 160 similar and are constantly struggling to establish the social hierarchy. Once the latter is established, the hens can live among themselves without stress