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    Uova di Montagna is happy to collaborate with the TOGETHER TO GO Foundation (TOG), a non-profit organization of social utility, established at the end of 2011. It is based in Milan, Viale Famagosta 75, where it set up a Center of Excellence for the rehabilitation of children affected by complex neurological diseases. Children treated in the TOG Center are affected by lesions of the nervous system, or of genetic origin or developed in intrauterine life or resulting from neonatal trauma.

    These children have motor, cognitive, behavioral and communication deficits. After diagnosis, they need rehabilitation, which is often the only effective cure.


    For every egg purchased on our e-commerce, 10 cents will be donated to the TOG Foundation to support its activity.


    More information on the TOG Foundation can be found on our website



      The box contains 32 Uova di Montagna x TOG divided into boxes of 4 eggs each. The shelf life is 28 days from the date of laying indicated on the label affixed to the box. Variable size eggs, minimum weight equal to 50 g per egg. Packaged in the IT022022 packing room. We recommend storing the eggs in the refrigerator.



      Shipping only in Italy. Free shipping of our Uova di Montagna is guaranteed by refrigerated transport so that a perfect temperature-controlled product arrives at home within 3-5 days of completing the order. You will receive an email from our carrier (check also in your SPAM folder) with the exact day of delivery. Upon receipt the Uova di Montagna, before signing the receipt, please open the package and check the integrity of the product. In the event of anomalies, these must be reported to the carrier.

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