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Animal welfare, respect for the earth and natural cycle: these are the core values ​​of our "Uova di Montagna".


Our agricultural enterprise was born in 2016 and operates in the poultry sector for excellent production. We have two production sites: one in the municipality of Brentonico and the other in the municipality of Mori fraction S. Felice, with a production potential close to 1000 hens breed Livornese.

The start of this activity was made possible thanks to the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 of the Autonomous Province of Trento and to the Operation 611 "Young farmers" which contributes to achieving the objectives of the focus area 2B "Promoting generational turnover in the agricultural sector ". The amount of the contribution granted is Euro 40,000 (42.980% as EAFRD portion equal to Euro 5.192; 39.914% as State quota amounting to Euro 15,965.6; 17.106% as the PAT quota equal to Euro 6,842.4).


For more information on funding opportunities, visit the RDP website and the European Commission dedicated to the EAFRD