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Artisan bronze-drawn pasta obtained from the mixture of Uova di Montagna in shell and Simento wheat semolina from Sicily.


The eggs used in the Tagliatella come from our farms. Our hens are "real" hens. In Uova di Montagna farms the beak of the hen is not cut, and they lives together with only 140 other animals in wooden houses in Trentino mountains free to scratch every day of the year


Since ancient times Sicily has offered us grains with unique aromas and characteristics and Simeto wheat is one of them. The cultivation and milling of wheat has been entrusted by us to Molino Cirsafulli a small mill with a great tradition in the heart of Sicily.

Our Tagliatelle are handcrafted, bronze drawn with maximum attention to raw materials and with a long drying at low temperature. We have paid the same attention to packaging by choosing to use only 100% plastic-free cardboard for greater respect for the environment