“Uova di Montagna” was born in 2016 with the aim of produce the best possible egg, guaranteeing the highest standards of animal welfare.


Our breeding method is inspired by some Rudolf Steiner’s principles that already in the early 1900s he claimed for an agriculture and a "breeding that respected the natural cycles and the ecological balance threatened both by a too high animal concentration and by an extremely specialized breeding ".

 For this reason, our breeding respects the ethological characteristics of our lying hens and satisfies their different needs during all seasons and atmospheric conditions.


Everything starts from psychophysical integrity and well-being of ours animals. Our hen is a real hen, coming from a South Tyrol farm they do not suffer the atrocious practice of cutting the beak used to prevent from fighting each other when they are breed in high-concentration farms.

This is why our breeding consists of small wooden houses in which only 140 lying hens live, considering that they cannot recognize more than 160 similar and are constantly struggling to establish the social hierarchy. Once the latter is established, the hens can live among themselves without stress


We do not cut the hen’s beak not only for an ethical question but for a better feeding. Only with an intact beak the hen is able to eat all the small insects and organisms present on the field that supply a good amount of proteins necessary for its metabolism. The beak is essential also to allow the hen to peck small stones that help it, like a millstone, to chop and stir the food during the digestive process, favoring a better assimilation into the egg.

Our “Uova di Montagna” is a seasonal egg. Even the egg follows the seasons. Just think about spring and summer where with the meadows in bloom, the insects, earthworms and snails always present on the field helps the hen to obtain the maximum nourishment which express into an egg with a better protein structure. On the other hand we have the autumn and winter season where the snow and the cold freeze the field and also the multitude of organisms present on the ground.

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Our mission in that seasons is to work on food integration based on plants and animal proteins in addition to the basic feed which is a special recipe designed  for “Uova di Montagna”(included olives from Lake of Garda, corn, soybean meal, carbonate of calcium, whole seeds of toasted soy, wheat, wheat bran) totally non-GMO. We have made agreements with nearby farms in order to reuse the processing waste of their horticultural productions but also to develop an integration of turnips in the winter period giving in that way a natural integration of fresh vegetables with proteins, fibers, magnesium, calcium and sugar that the hens are no longer able to get with the snowy e frozen ground.



Another food supplement is made up of earthworms, through some dedicate structure positioned in our farm, designed to guarantee a constant protein intake during the year.

Our open range farms are located in Castione di Brentonico, Santa Barbara and Bezzecca in Trento province.